CPEN Print on Demand Program

Need NCI booklets? Join the CPEN Print on Demand Program! 
Are patient education materials too costly to print on your own? The restructured CPEN Print on Demand Program allows educators to order NCI patient education booklets at reduced prices at any time. There is no deadline for ordering.

Featured publications available to order in quantities of 50 or more include:

  • Chemotherapy and You
  • Radiation Therapy and You
  • Eating Hints
  • Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment
  • Taking Time

There are also 13 additional titles available for purchasing; see the printer's website for a complete list of titles. If you have ordered from the Healthy Publications site before (formerly the Bulk Printing Program), you will be able to use the same login and password, which are required for the Print on Demand Program.

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For years, cancer centers and organizations have relied on National Cancer Institute (NCI) booklets to provide quality patient education materials to patients and families. Due to budget cuts, NCI is no longer able to print its publications in bulk. As a result, the Cancer Patient Education Network (CPEN) took the initiative to coordinate the CPEN Print on Demand Program. This program allows people to purchase NCI booklets at a reduced rate by partnering with a commercial printer.
CPEN developed this initiative in response to CPEN members concerns that they would no longer be able to provide these excellent and essential NCI booklets to their patients and families. CPEN as an organization receives no financial benefit from this initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the CPEN Print on Demand Program?
2. How can I participate in the program?
3. Which publications can I order from the CPEN Print on Demand Program?
4. How can I get an estimate of the price for each publication?
5. Is there a minimum order?
6. Are shipping costs included in the price quotes?
7. I used to be able to add my organization’s logo when ordering with NCI. Can I still do that?
8. Can I order whenever I want?
9. What will the printer need from me to sign-up for the program?
10. How can I learn more?